Saturday, March 21, 2009

a response to my complaint that I do not understand love

"I am sorry I cannot explain the thing to you," he answered, "but there is no provision in you for understanding it. Not merely, therefore, is the phenomenon inexplicable to you, but the very nature of it is inapprehensible by you. Indeed I but partially apprehend it myself. At the same time you are constantly experiencing things which you not only do not, but cannot understand. You think you understand them, but your understanding of them is only your being used to them, and therefore not surprised at them. You accept them, not because you understand them, but because you must accept them: they are there, and have unavoidable relations with you! The fact is, no man understands anything; when he knows he does not understand, that is his first tottering step - not toward understanding, but toward the capability of one day understanding. To such things as these you are not used, therefore you do not fancy you understand them. Neither I nor any man can here help you to understand, but I may, perhaps, help you a little to believe!"
- from Lilith

You are right, my child. You do not understand love. Do not let that worry you. I understand it.

After all, have you understood the stars? Have you understood the behavior of subatomic particles and the collective motions of oxygen ions? Are you so wise that you understand all this? You can explain it. Very well, explain away, but you will not understand. Is this what you want with love? This is not what I want for you. You will know Love, my love, as you will never know the stars. You will never explain it, no matter how hard you try. But you will know it, and when you pass through it, you will say, “Yes, I know what that is. That is Love.” Do not worry that it seems to pass away like a cloud on closer examination. This is because you are not yet tangible, not solid enough to grasp even the smallest piece of it. Yet it covers you as a blanket, even now. Your head is in the blue sky. My love is the air you breathe. Do not be unbelieving, but believe.
Yes, Lord, I believe. I do not understand, but I pray that by Your grace I may come closer to the capability of one day grasping within my understanding an atom of Your Love.

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